I am a native English speaker born in New Zealand, and resident at Gold Coast since 1970.

I have had six years experience teaching English as a Second Language and assisting IELTS candidates to prepare to take the IELTS test.

I have college teaching experience, at “English First”, in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia, 2002, 2003.

For eleven years, I’ve been a regular contributor of Feature Articles to The Jakarta Post, the national English language daily newspaper of Indonesia, on the arts, culture, cinema, surfing, and People Profiles.

My articles may be seen by “Googling” – The Jakarta Post+Cynthia Webb

I have also contributed my writing to The Courier Mail, (Brisbane newspaper) and also a chapter to the book “Gang re:Publik – Indonesia-Australia Creative Adventures. (published 2008)

I am interested in Indonesian history, culture, arts and society, and have many friends there.

I am an artist, with special interest in portraiture, and have also worked for many years as an art teacher specializing in helping adults get started with their drawing and painting, and fabric painting.

I am a National Board member and the secretary of The Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance. The website is www.aiaa.org.au Some of my artworks can be found on that website, by clicking the tab GALLERY, then ‘Cynthia Webb’ in the list of artists’ names.

I can understand and speak Bahasa Indonesia, (perhaps Intermediate level) and I am still learning the Indonesian language, so I can understand your language learning experience and the difficulties and confusions that come up.

I’ve had a lifetime of involvement in surfing, since the “classic era” of the Sixties.