Proof Reading

Proof-reading and assistance with assignments and documents in English

Are you already at College or University?

Does your written English contain a lot of grammar and spelling errors? Is it easy for your University tutor to read and understand?

Maximise your results by having a qualified English teacher (and native speaker), proof-read your work and advise you, so that you can hand in an assignment that best expresses your understanding of the subject and your meaning.

This service may be provided by email. In some cases, I may need to discuss the work with you in person.

If you are having some difficulty in fully understanding the requirements of your assignment, I can probably advise you. Of course, I won’t do it for you, but I will help you get started and then proof-read it and advise you further, after you have written it.


Do you need help with filling in an English form or making an application? If so, then get in touch to make a time to work on it together.

$35.00 per hour.